Imagine It: Tehachapi Mountains & Music – 2010

Msunsetid-July. Imagine it: Long stretches of triple-digit weather in the Central Valley. In the LA Basin, the combination of smog and humidity is making everyone go slightly nuts. But in the Tehachapi Mountains, the air is clear, daytime temps are in the 80s, and at night you’re throwing on a sweatshirt.

Whether you’re a musician or a music enthusiast, eight or 108, or just plain sick of the heat, consider Camp Kiya this year. Affordable and fun, Camp Kiya is a great way to explore a new instrument, improve your playing on the instrument you already have, and meet others who are doing the same. For non-instrumentalists, there’s dancing, hiking and workshops on native folklore, as well as the chance to relax among the pines with a good book.

Joe Craven, Jamie Laval and Zac Leger in Concert at the BeeKay
Joe Craven, Jamie Laval and Zac Leger in Pre-Camp Concert at the BeeKay Theatre

Camp Kiya is features some of the most respected names in the traditional music community – musicians as well-known for their teaching as they are for their playing.