Classical Guitar Workshop with William Coulter – 2011

williamcoultersoloThe last time William Coulter played his guitar in Tehachapi was with banjo player Ken Perlman at a house concert several years ago. The next time will be to teach classical guitar at Camp Kiya.

While the emphasis at Camp Kiya is on traditional music and dance, the class offerings also include accordion, cello, improvisation, songwriting, native Kawaiisu arts and crafts and much more. Considering the number of classical guitar students and teachers in Tehachapi, adding classical guitar seems like a natural extension of the Camp’s program and is certain to add even more spice to the already eclectic mix of music heard around the campground.

William Coulter is a Grammy-winning guitarist who is the perfect choice to bring classical guitar to the camp because he moves easily from one genre to another – from classical, to Celtic, pop, and all kinds of traditional music. Although Coulter is sure to be found mixing it up in all manner of jam sessions at Camp Kiya, his teaching will concentrate on classical guitar. His classes will be open to classical guitar players of all levels.

The class will include the basics — including sitting position, hand position, tone production, use of fingernails and fundamental technique – as well as exercises for right hand arpeggio patterns and left hand finger independence. Students will also be invited to play solos in a ‘master class’-style setting and gain feedback from the instructor and other students. Other topics such as how to deal with stage fright, music and breathing, and playing with ease and accuracy will also be covered.

William Coulter has been performing and recording for 20 years. He has a classical guitar studio at UC Santa Cruz, and is a sought-after teacher at many summer music camps.  He earned his BA in music from UC Santa Cruz and a Master of Music degree from the San Francisco Conservatory. Coulter enjoys collaborations with other musicians and has toured internationally. In 1994, he earned a second Master’s degree from UCSC in ethnomusicology, with an emphasis on traditional Irish music and song.