JULY 23-27, 2017

2016-Camp-Kiya-T-ShirtThorne and Zac

Camp Kiya News!

We’re looking forward to a great 9th session of Camp Kiya next summer, and hope you can join us!

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A trip to Camp Kiya could make a wonderful Christmas gift.   You may  Register Online anytime, and pay with PayPal, even if you don’t have a PayPal account OR you can fill out the forms online, submit them online or print them and mail with a check payment. 

See the Registration Info & Fees page for Camp Kiya general info, fees, discounts, camper forms (we need to know what makes you happy!), and payments.

Watch this space for updates!

Explore music “from the inside out.”


Discover the joy of jamming, improvisation, singing, dancing and playing tunes together. Try different instruments, learn new tunes and styles on your main one, have fun doing creative art projects, learn about the local native American culture, or just enjoy the woods. There’s something for everyone at Camp Kiya!

“Kiya” (Kee-ya) means fun, laughter and play in the local Tehachapi native language, Nuwa (or Kawaiisu). The camp is rustic, with a mess hall for meals and dancing, a campfire circle for gathering and singing, and cabins, campsites and shower facilities. Sleep in a cabin, your own tent or RV, or go home every night if you are local. We also have fine hotels in town only 20 minutes from camp. Meals are mostly catered from our local restaurants, with vegetarian options.

Our Acorn Program includes special activities for children ages 4 to 11 who are not taking the regular classes. Those 6 and under must be accompanied in the program by a parent or guardian.…read more About Camp Kiya